Spring is right around the corner and the ground is beginning to prepare for the summer heat, which means it is time to begin thinking about your residential or commercial swimming pool. Are you thinking of removing your swimming pool? Do you want to expand your swimming pool to cover a larger space? Whether you are thinking of revamping your favorite summer hangout area or want to completely redo your landscaping, the following tips from David C. Dunn Company, a trusted pool demolition contractor, can help you to easily meet your swimming pool removal goals.

Understanding The Four Main Types Of Swimming Pool Removal Provided By David C. Dunn Company

  1. Partial removal and non engineered fill. — This type of pool removal project is typically completed in areas with new landscaping. It can be completed at homes, residential complexes, or commercial spaces.
  2. Partial removal with a compaction test or engineered fill. — A partial removal with a compaction test is completed to test the soil and fill-in the empty space from the old swimming pool.
  3. Full removal with a non engineered fill. — This type of swimming pool removal doesn’t use a compaction test; instead the area is thoroughly compacted mechanically.
  4. Full removal with engineered fill. — During this type of pool removal project a compaction test will be conducted.

A pool demolition contractor is best equipped to determine which of the above swimming pool removal processes is suited for your residential or commercial site.

David C. Dunn Company Is A Trusted Pool Demolition Contractor In Pleasant Hill

Contrary to popular belief, removing a swimming pool is about much more than simply bringing in heavy machinery to break apart the pool. David C. Dunn Company takes additional steps to ensure that the surrounding landscape is protected. These steps include:

  • Acquiring the correct permits for removing a swimming pool in a residential or commercial area.
  • Determining the best route for machines to use when traversing the landscape.
  • Demolishing the swimming pool using the right tools.
  • Efficiently removing the old materials (pool water, concrete, pipes, frames, etc.) from the site.
  • Filling in the remaining hole with clean and well-nourished soil.
  • Compacting the area to best prepare it for its next use. It is important to note that re-compaction is essential if you are planning on erecting a structure or building in the area where the swimming pool used to reside.

With these additional services in mind, hiring David C. Dunn Company is the easy choice for both small and large swimming pool removal projects. Whether you need to prepare the way for a larger swimming pool at your home, or want to divide your current swimming pool into two different sections, a pool demolition expert from David C. Dunn Company can help you to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.