They get the job done quickly and have the right equipment for the job.
G. C. I., Alamo

They arrive on time, do a good job and have good equipment. Just really awesome. I’ve been doing business with them for about seven years.
Ben A., Walnut Creek

Dave is a great guy. He was easy to talk to and very responsive. He seemed to be on top of everything.
Judi A., Walnut Creek

He did what he said he would do quickly. He was on time and professional.
Judy N., Walnut Creek

Dave keeps a tight job site. He’s clean and on time. Overall, I think it’s one of the best companies out there for that type of work.
Oliver S., Martinez

Dave is a great guy. He shows up on time and does clean work.
Tim D., Pleasant Hill

Dave Dunn is reliable and a great communicator.
Warren D., Lafayette

They’re very professional, thorough and I trust Dave.
Craig P., Lafayette

They were very clean and kept me well informed.
Sharon C., Lafayette

I like the fact that it’s an owner-operated business.
Dirk N., Danville

They gave me a realistic idea of what to expect. Dave was also very nice to his crew.
Anne C., Danville

They are reliable and they carefully cleaned up after themselves. They were totally honest and consulted with me well.
Linda W., Danville

The communication was very good.
Yale K., Danville

They are responsive, professional and they do good work.
Louis T., Lafayette

They were pleasant, clean, quick and the work was more than satisfactory.
S. A., Diablo

I liked the great bidding process. They got the job done on time.
Gary M., Moraga

They came out, gave me a good quote, and got the job done right.
Craig H., Alamo

They started and finished the job on time. They also stuck to the estimate.
John H., Blackhawk

They were on time, on budget and they cleaned up
Jon B., Alamo

I like their professionalism. They know what they are doing.
Scott Z., Diablo

They do good work and get the job done.
Y. & B., Danville

They did the job right.
Dan Y., San Ramon

They are reliable and came through with what they committed to do
Dean S., Danville

They did good work in a timely manner. They did everything they said they would do.
H. I. S., Fremont

Promptness, cleanliness, professionalism and great work.
Charlie N., Dublin

I think their work ethic is great. Everything got done on time. Dave is an awesome guy.
John L., Orinda

The service and the quality of the work are great.
Jay S., Oakland

I think they’re easy to work with.
Shaun R., Walnut Creek

They were competent and very easy to work with. They also made some excellent suggestions and did an overall superb job.
James P., Pleasant Hill

I liked the bidding process and thoroughness of the job. When I asked them a question, they answered it in a very nice, gentle and professional manner.
Chris H., Alamo

They were very responsive, cooperative and on time. They were very concerned about doing a good job and did some extra work without asking for additional payment.
Jill T., Danville

They did everything they said they would. It was a big job. They were there every day.
James J., Lafayette