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Pool Demolition and Removal

You can rely on David C. Dunn Company when it comes to swimming pool demolition. We can demolish the entire swimming pool or part of the swimming pool. With David C. Dunn company you’re dealing with the right swimming pool demolition company in Contra Costa or Alameda County. We are demolition, general engineering and landscape contractors. We are versed in dirt and compaction work as well as demolition. We offer packages with compaction testing, engineers letters, and landscape preparation and drainage services as well.

There are 4 main types of swimming pool removal:

1. Partial removal and non engineered fill. Typically done in areas of new landscaping.
2. Partial removal with a compaction test or engineered fill.
3. Full removal with a non engineered fill. No compaction testing but thoroughly compacted mechanically.
4. Full removal with engineered fill. (Compaction Testing)

All of these have there advantages and disadvantages. Please feel free to call and discuss what option is right for your site. Local drainage design / soils engineer

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Pool Fill-In Services

Our swimming pool demolition services include removing the pool and backfilling the swimming pool hole with clean, fill dirt. Then we perform re-compaction of the area to prepare it for its next use. Recompaction is essential if you ever plan to erect a structure or building on the area.

David C. Dunn Company offers some the most competitive bids on swimming pool demolition.
Contact us today and schedule an estimate. The cost of all necessary permits for swimming pool demolition can be included in our estimate.

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