Interior Demlolition

David C. Dunn Company provides interior demolition services to both residential and commercial clients in the  San Francisco Bay Area. We provide non structural demolishing of interior spaces within any type of structure. Our work includes interior wall removal, demolition of flooring, some utility capping, salvage and selective structural demolition as needed. We provide structural removal both outside and inside buildings. David C. Dunn Company works with Asbestos firms for environmental remediation.

Building gut outs  –  Demolition for remodeling and additions – Concrete breaking and removal  –  Machinery removal and scrapping  – Interior excavation and trenching  –  Stucco and sheetrock removal  – Bathroom and kitchen removal  – Foundation removal  –  Wall Removal  –  Roof removal  –   Fire clean up  –  Debris Removal  –  Deconstruction  –  Recycling/ Scrap

Isolation of Utilities & Hazardous Waste Management

Prior to demolition or stripping out your project we can help with the isolation of major utilities within the demolition area to ensure safety to everyone involved.

  • Asbestos Surveys and Hazardous material abatement services are available
  • Call David C. Dunn Company to schedule your job walk and pre demolition planning.