Hiring David C. Dunn Company, an interior demolition specialist, to complete your remodeling project is the first step towards transforming your home, restaurant, or commercial space into a new design. While there are many articles that suggest summer is the best season to hire a demolition contractor, we look at it from different angles. After all, every season, like every remodeling project, is different, which means that choosing the best time of year to complete an interior demolition will depend entirely on the project details and the preferences of you, the client.

The battle between supply and demand is particularly fierce during certain times of the year. Just as Christmas decorations are on-sale starting December 26th, building materials, such as lumber, cement, and paint will fluctuate in price depending on the time of year and the demand. With this in mind, the best time to complete an interior demolition will depend on when you can buy the necessary post-demolition materials at their lowest price.

Interior Demolition For Remodeling Season By Season

While many articles suggest that the best time to remodel is summer, at David C. Dunn Company we take the time to weigh the pros for each season. We base these seasonal tips on our specific region here near Pleasant Hill, CA:

  • Winter — Ideal for large interior demolition projects in commercial spaces. The winter months can be filled with inclement weather, which causes consumers to enter into “hibernation phases” where they are not going out and about. Conducting interior demolition projects in commercial spaces during the winter can build consumer anticipation for the new space during a time when consumer foot traffic is lower.
  • Spring — Ideal for resolving any remodeling issues that were identified during the winter. Spring is the perfect time to complete both commercial and residential demolition projects that involve interior and exterior spaces. From tearing down exterior walls or expanding an interior space to completely restructuring a commercial space for a new business, spring is the time of year to complete projects before the summer rush occurs.
  • Summer — Ideal for large interior demolition projects in residential spaces. The best time to complete residential remodeling projects is during the summer when the weather typically cooperates, daylight hours are at their longest, and the residents have the most flexibility.
  • Fall — Ideal for completing interior demolition projects when you are on a budget. After the summer rush, many building suppliers offer discounts on materials. If you need to complete a demolition project on a budget, then the fall is typically the best time of year to meet your project goals on time and within budget.

David C. Dunn Company Demolition Contractor Proudly Completes Interior Demolitions For Remodeling Projects Year Round

Knowing when to complete your interior demolition will depend on the parameters of your entire remodeling project. Whether you need to remove concrete, wood frames, or metal structures, David C. Dunn Company will help you to complete your remodeling project in a timely and cost effective fashion.