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Drainage Systems

David C. Dunn Company provides drainage systems work for both homeowners and municipalities. We provide trenching and pipe laying for drainage systems for both surface water and subsurface water. We specialize in hillside mini excavator work for pipe installation from 4″-36” pipe. Whether you’re doing new construction, upgrading an existing system or repairing a water damaged site we can help.

Examples of our work include:-

  • Energy Dissipators – to slow down drainage water to protect downstream areas from erosion
  • Small slide repairs- Rip rap installation
  • Soldier Pile wall Construction- Photo
  • Erosion Control
  • Rough grading- Site Work
  • French or sub drains to keep crawl spaces drier. Sub drains in areas of fill
  • Foundation pier drilling for sumps
  • Trenching for downspout lines to direct roof water away from structures
  • Setting up catch basins to direct rain water
  • Excavation for bio swales for water dispersion and run off control
Drainage Systems Contractor image serving Pleasant Hill and Oakland CA